Mini Mausoleum with compartment that can receive ashes or memories of the deceased, including a presentation support, to fix the reproduction of the hand of the deceased, which fits inside the Mini Mausoleum or can be placed at the outside the urn, during the ceremony. A wide variety of images are offered.
The white oak case is offered in a beautiful color choice and a beautiful array of frames. Included: an ArtGlass glass, UV-resistant, museum quality that gives the impression that there is no glass; an image printed on Aluminum or Acrylic; a photo of the deceased that you must provide in .JPG format; a set of Memorex products for manufacturing the 3D imprint of the deceased's hand; a battery powered Dell lighting system is included.

Mini Mausoleum Dell with Stand.

Framing Choices
Products for production of hand
  • To choose the frame, the color or the image, you must refer by clicking on the pictures in the photos below the main image. The information is on the images.Click on one of the mini images under the main image on the left and the image will expand, to allow you to choose your color and frame. Then the prices will adjust, if necessary, according to your choices.