Mini Mausoleum that can hold ashes and memories of the deceased who included; a white oak case, available in a beautiful choice of colors and a beautiful array of frames, including a regular glass and, optionally, an ArtGlass glass that gives the impression that there is no glass and that protects against UV rays ; a cushion and a cuff, to deposit and insert the replica of the hand, are offered in white satin. inside of the replica of the hand a small tube with a cap allow to incorporate a portion of the ashes of the person; a small removable support that is installed under the housing allowing to change the angle to allow a better presentation ; a Memorex set to make the handprint of the deceased.

Mini Mausoleum for Exposure

Framing Choices
Frame Size of Mosoleum
Glass Choices
Cushion Option
Products for production of hand
  • To choose the frame, the color or the image, you must refer by clicking on the pictures in the photos below the main image. The information is on the images.Click on one of the mini images under the main image on the left and the image will expand, to allow you to choose your color and frame. Then the prices will adjust, if necessary, according to your choices.

  • Selected from the color menu: from N to U in the drop-down menu of the frames and add in the My Cart section, to the tab that allows you to add a Note, the Letter of the color chosen for the framing.