We are located in Trois-Rivières. Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of funeral products. Our products stand out from everything you find on the market, they are completely different and unique. We are in perpetual developments to offer products of quality and always unique. Our products and our device have been designed so that your thanatologists, themselves, can use them easily.


This concept will provide strong support for funeral ceremonies and will leave a tangible trace of human existence and help support the absence of the missing person.

We present a concept of three-dimensional manual reproduction of a living or deceased person. We offer a wide selection of products for presentations or exhibitions. And most importantly, we offer a device that has been designed, developed and tested by our company to make a three-dimensional impression, in a supine or sitting position, of a person's hand. An international patent has been filed with O.P.I.C. This apparatus will facilitate the work to produce a molding of the shape of the hand of a human being, as well as the work for the reproduction of the hand, from the mold that will have been made with the device. To do this, you will only use extremely durable products that we will provide to you. In addition, the entire process of molding the hand can be done in a supine or sitting position.